Jasmine Take Over


Jasmine is blooming in Houston. Every time I walk out the door I am enveloped in perfume.  I trapped to capture the beauty during my morning run but each urban shot was overtaken by banal things like, telephone wires. Needless to say, I couldn't do justice to the walls and walls of these ethereal beauties.

These, also, are in bloom...


I have been listening to some throwback music this week. Cafe Tacuba. The song below came on and I got lost in the poetry.

Me escurriré
Como agua de entre la retícula
Mi corazón
Una minúscula porción
De la infinita vastedad
De este mar de amor

Rough translation: I slip, like water, from between the grid (or sieve) , my heart, a miniscule portion of the infinite vastness of this sea of love