Dropping Bad Habits in February


The title is a little challenge for myself for the month. Being an overachiever, I couldn't choose just one habit. I'm choosing at LEAST three.


We try not to overdo the tech in our house. We are trying to raise our little ones so that they use their inner resources to entertain themselves. I am reluctant to turn on the TV for them, often offering creative or playful alternatives. I try to be a good example. I don't watch TV in front of them and try to limit screen time, generally. That being said, I still find myself glued to my phone in quiet moments. Naptime - Youtube. Nursing - Instagram. Gaaaaaaah. So I deleted Instagram and downloaded this app for accountability.

2. No refined sugar and sometimes a coffee substitute.

I like coffee. Really like coffee. It's a daily ritual. I enjoy the smell of the beans. Like taking the time to actually make the cup. From grinding, to stove top, to hand frothing. But I also have sugar in each cup. As I have yet to break this habit, I'm switching to a dash of maple syrup this month. And NO sweet treats with my coffee. Also, instead of an afternoon cup of coffee, which has become a recent habit, this grain drink.


3. Home baked bread



A dear friend sent me this link to no knead bread. It's a game changer. I'm not saying I will never go back to store bought bread, but it's so easy, that we could easily go several weeks without a special stop at the bakery.