Green Pancakes, Hold the Ham


I never thought we would be riding the gluten-free train in my house. I come from a family of bakers and the gluten-free variety of pretty much any baked good makes me cringe. However, we recently began taking my oldest daughter to a doctor who specializes in Chinese medicine. After a hair test, it became clear that she is sensitive to wheat and a couple dozen other things. We have resisted major diet changes for some time but when a recent flare up led us to topical steroids, i knew it was time for some root cause analysis.


So here we are. Four weeks into the 8 week diet restrictions and my zest for cooking was seriously flagging. Turns out I'm not so creative without wheat or dairy (and the other two dozen things). Enter The Green Kitchen At Home. I had been following their colorful IG posts, thanks to a recommendation from a dear friend. She mentioned that she was really enjoying their most recent cookbook. I went back to their website and youtube videos. Eureka!! Gluten free, often dairy free. I never thought I would be so excited about those two things. The best part is that when you flip through their book, these two qualities don't seem limiting at all. A whole new world opens up of forgotten, healthy grains - spelt, buckwheat (which is apparently not related to wheat), barley and millet. A sprinkle, make that a handful, of veggies or fruit in EVERYTHING. The recipes look beautiful and taste even better.


Thank you GK family. We love you!