Best Mommy Blogs

When I started this blog, I wanted it to be a serious space, mostly about design.  A space separate from momlife.  I was reading blogs that were exclusively about interior design and really wanted to manifest a career for myself in that sphere.  However, that dream career is just not happening right now.  With 3 kids under 5, I barely have time to write, let alone seek out clients and build a business.  I haven't written regularly since beginning the blog, partly because I felt really tired during my most recent pregnancy (I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, my third, in April), partly because I just started writing for a friend's blog,, which has a very different vision and voice from this blog, and partly because I was trying to manifest a life that I'm not currently living.  In planning posts for the blog, I felt that I was starting to lack authenticity.  I was even thinking yesterday, maybe its time to close the url.  It was great, I tried it, but it's just not going anywhere.  Then, I stumbled upon a couple of new blogs that really inspired me.  And this blog might not go anywhere, and I don't harbor some illusion that my voice is so interesting, my thoughts so unique that they must be shared.  No, I just enjoy writing and sharing things I love with others.  So, for as long as it seems useful or joyful, I will keep writing.

That is what I love about the blogs below.  Some of these bloggers have a side hustle.  Latonya, for example, is a stylist, Joanna Goddard has a blog that's so widely read that it IS her side hustle and House Inhabit is a full time mum, with no hyphen.  But what is so attractive about these blogs is that the content is full of luminous, yummy images of women being women and moms enjoying their kids, but not confined by motherhood and not confined by a career, either.  Women just being full and complete women.  They feel authentic.  Though the images are surely curated and Latonya always looks like a fashion icon, their blogs don't have a glossy, made for TV look.  It looks and feels like they are just out and about enjoying life and creating incredible moments with their kids.

There seems to be a lot of negative energy around motherhood these days, whether it be the judge-iness that is the mommy wars, or the seemingly endless op-eds written by parents complaining about how hard the job is and that they miss their life before parenthood, it seems that much ink is spilled about the downsides of parenting.  Kids change things, absolutely.  And it can be a bit disorienting, at first, especially if you are someone who loves solitude or who likes to be always on the go.  Life definitely slows down with kids, while the chaos is amped up several degrees.  Yet, if you are open to the changes, kids make life so much more full and so much more worthwhile than life without them.

These blogs embody that fullness for me.  They are full of sun-drenched moments, with families enjoying each other and women being moms, but also women, with their passions, causes, friendship collectives, art and design interests.

So, without further rambling, here are my top three mommy blogs of the moment, in order of discovery.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

#1 A Cup of Jo

There is a reason that Joanna can live off of her blog, in NYC, no less.  The prose and content rival that of well edited magazines.  The photos are always exquisite.  The topics are related to the big and small aspects of womanhood that are completely worth pausing over while enjoying your morning coffee - from relationships to simple lifehacks.  Some of my favorite series include the one about beauty uniforms, in which she interviews interesting and lovely women around New York about their beauty and self-care routines.  Her motherhood around the world series is fascinating and beautiful.  Also, any of her articles about traveling with kids is well worth a read for great travel tips and new locations to try.

#2 House Inhabit

Her style is a bit more stream of consciousness than tightly edited prose, yet her content is so addicting.  The photographs always make me wish that I had there been there to witness the moments of joy and stillness.  The content is always thought-provoking, if a little wordy.  I devoured months of her blog from 12-2 am last night and I don't really regret being so irresponsible.  Plus, I kind of want to live in her RV, or as I call it, her tiki lounge on wheels.

#3 Latonya Yvette

Why I love her: judging by her headings, we have some of the same interests and because she made "hair" a category all its own on her blog.  When you are a mother of mixed children, it's that serious.  Also, with a little creativity and a lot of style, she has made a home for 4 out of 650 sq ft.