Beauty Edition

These glasses


Warby Parker is stalking me everywhere. Instagram, you-tube, google. And for good reason. $95 for prescription lenses and super cool frames? Yes, please.

This palette


This Deodorant


I have been looking for a relatively affordable natural deodorant for ages. There was always one thing missing. Either the application was annoying - like applying with the fingers. It seems like it wouldn't be a big deal but I like a simple morning routine. Deodorant, shirt. That extra step to wash oil off hands was annoying. Then there was the super pricey $16/ounce option. Often the baking soda was too much and set off my PH.

Finally. A stick, for a nice price point and effective and a lovely smell. Bliss.

This lady

Her tutorials are addicting. I don't wear much makeup, often I wear none, but when I do, I have always used similar techniques, just not as skillfully applied. She has many brilliant tips. One that I have recently begun to put to practice is to NOT apply concealer right under lashes. A little shadow adds depth and also, if you have any wrinkles, concealer often highlights them by creating lines in the creases.